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    A horrible restart or just a dying blog?

    I read a goodbye post from Rob, at Friends Without Border, a week ago, and it still pops in my head now and then. The post hit me hard. Rob is one of the most fun blogger I know, and seeing his post makes me feel like blogging is truly dying. He’s saying goodbye because, in his own words: “I look back to the halcyon days of this blog between 2019 and 2021. It was really busy and a lot of comments/likes were the order of the day. Now? Well, it’s down to maybe two likes and no comments.” And here I am making a fresh restart, hoping to regain…

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    April Fool’s Girl

    This was supposed to be an April fools day post, but my day and night got twisted so I missed my chance. But I really want to share this poem, so here it is. April Fool’s Day of 1920, her life began A soul cast in whimsy, a spirit’s dance Yet in the heat of August 2019, a silent morn, She passed away, all alone Her ungrateful older sons lay Their hearts held firm in icy sway Unseen, unheard, they sought to part In stoic grief, without a start But midst their silent, weighty shroud The youngest son emerged, in whispers loud To honor her, in tender light He fought,…

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    First micro-fiction of the year

    Inspiration just seems to be nowhere to be found lately. Back when I was just started writing fiction, I surprise my group (now disbanded and also nowhere to be found) how I can complete 50k book in 3 weeks (in Filipino, not English). When I wrote In Another Time, my time travel romance back in 2019, I thought I was super slow. I used 5 months to complete the first draft, but when I compare it to now… My writing progress is too tragic to talk about. Earlier yesterday, while digging through my old notes, I found this line in my crumple piece of paper: “Stop being wonderful, stop being…

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    You First. Others comes next.

    I hit rock bottom yesterday… it’s probably one of those Sunday blues things. I snapped at my husband and disappointed my son—who wanted to spend family time outside. I could see that I dragged the mood down, but what can I do? Faking it for everyone would only make me feel worse. So, I stepped away and let myself do what I needed. I took a nap and a break from them. As an introvert, I need a lot of “me time” or simply put, be alone. Was it selfish of me? Yes. But I needed it. I’ll make up for their disappointment the next day. Okay, so we all…

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    7 reasons I’m rebranding my blog

    If you’re a returning reader and are wondering if you’re in the right blog, then you probably are. This is Jessica E. Larsen’s blog, also known as Jessie Winterspring. If you’re new, welcome! I wish I could chat more, but to make it less boring, let’s break down my reasons for the changes you’re seeing with a list of 7 questions. If you have more questions, there’s always the comment section. 😉 Oh, before you keep going, if you enjoy reading webpages in dark/night version, click on the moon ☾ icon at the top right corner. Now, let’s go! 1: Why did you change your blog URL? I honestly don’t…

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    We’re killing what makes us human

    Trigger warning! Don’t read if you love AI. THIS IS A RANT. They’re a saying that goes, “too much of everything is bad.” Even healthy food, when consumed too much, turns into poison. The rapid development of Artificial Intelligent this year, is that. A poison. AI has done some good in the “modern world” blogs and website is an examples. Our Phones are powered by AI but like everything in life, it should be use in moderation. But now it’s AI generated work everywhere. From articles to Art. I use Grammarly and ProwritingAid to edit my stories before sending them to my editors (professional human editors), but now there’s AI…

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    An abandon cat adopted me!

    I know it’s September, but meet August. Until 3 days ago (Sept. 7) this young cat lived in the street. He came strolling through my door when I was at the peak of my anger only to meow at me. He stayed for about 30 seconds, but he return later that night to beg for food. He had a collar, so I let him out after feeding him, expecting him to go home. A friend who loves animals (even feed the street cats and offered her garage for over 9 adult cats and their kittens) told me that August was an abandon cat because a lot of the villagers saw…

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    Hell, poem and goodbye

    This is it. Another month getting off 2022. This summer has been tough for me. I went through some kind of mental shock late July until mid-August because I never know that festival could make your everyday life miserable. In a sleepy village of Beniardá (as I lovingly made my protagonist for my upcoming time-travel romance describe his grandparents pueblo) I was shock to find myself unable to sleep long enough to function properly. The first 15 days in the village were filled with nonstop noise. They blasted our eardrums from 11 pm all the way to 7 AM then there’s the band going around by noon and the church…

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    Me Monday, music & more

    It’s hard to establish a new identity, but it’s also difficult to say goodbye to the old one. So I kept both and for a while I almost tore myself in half. On the plus side, quite a few readers had expressed interest in reading In Another Time the book I finished in Nanowrimo challenge back in 2020. As for my blog… well, I’ve been playing AWOL for a long time now, and the longer it goes, the more I feel bad for missing on things, and that makes me want to stay absent. It’s a toxic cycle. Covid lockdowns really did a number on me. I’m back in Spain…

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    Waiting for a Star to Fall

    I don’t know about you, but when nostalgia hits me, it’s always accompanied by a bittersweet feeling. Waiting for a Star to Fall, a song by Boy Meets Girl, captures emotion I can hardly explain. The sweetness, the pain, the love, and loss. Do you have a song that cures and hurts you at the same time? Here’s mine. I’m stating the obvious but Boy Meets Girl, Waiting for a Star to Fall is one of my top favorites songs, which is also inspired me to write “So Close Yet So Far” micro-fiction. PS: Can I please ask you a favor and read my poem titled: Not Perfect over at Online Book Club? If…

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    Hello New Year, restart and restore

    We’re in the year and right now, I really feel that either I’m thinking too hard or nothing at all because it hurts to think of anything. How’s your first day of the year? I plan to return to blogging (again) but I will take it slow. I won’t post every day (or every second. This is reserved for Instagram.) I might post every second week, but I will try to actively read blogs a little every, because, sigh, I miss the blogosphere community. Happy New Year! Follow Jessica E. Larsen on WordPress.com