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A horrible restart or just a dying blog?

I read a goodbye post from Rob, at Friends Without Border, a week ago, and it still pops in my head now and then. The post hit me hard. Rob is one of the most fun blogger I know, and seeing his post makes me feel like blogging is truly dying.

He’s saying goodbye because, in his own words:

“I look back to the halcyon days of this blog between 2019 and 2021. It was really busy and a lot of comments/likes were the order of the day. Now? Well, it’s down to maybe two likes and no comments.”

And here I am making a fresh restart, hoping to regain my past blogging achievements. But I relate to his post so much. Yeah, it really feels like no one noticed blogs anymore. Just as him, I feel like what used to be so many engagements is now down to one or two likes. What a horrible time for me to return… but then again, I never relied on likes and comments back when I started blogging.

So who cares if blogging is dead or dying, and that I’ve chosen the most terrible time for my return? My mission is to write my thoughts and feelings, share my stories and some deep dark musing secret. Never mind if only the ghost reads them. I’m leaving my imprint on this corner of the internet where I began, even if only you see them.

And besides, even if I stay active on other social media like Instagram, I often feel burnout. Blogging is my beginning, and this will always be where I’ll return for as long as the internet is around.

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  • stevescountry

    Hi Jessica! Wow, this is something I can relate to. My best time for blogging was 2019 to 2021. I would get normally around 60 to 70 likes and so many comments it was hard to keep up! And many of those comments were very long and we would talk back and forth constantly. Now I consider it a great day if I pass 10 likes on a post and often there is just 5 or 6. But my blog is not something everyone would like since I mainly write about my area. But I refuse to quit and will keep blogging even if it is dying. It is true that people don’t like to read much anymore, they want something very short and quick, easy to read. And other forms of social media are attracting those people, so they leave blogging. Keep blogging Jessie! Visit me anytime! Have a wonderful day! 😊😻🌞☕☕

  • Lightness Traveling

    Just coming up on 10-years at WP. My writing is purely recreational, just something that occasionally feels good to do. But I agree with DVH. I started writing online in ’06 at “Gather”, which made its last gasps in ’14. Often had conversations that far exceeded the lengths of articles. Half of the people that leave comments on my WP posts date back to those days. I think most younger people now prefer brief and passive formats… short videos and webcasts. Shocks me that almost 100-million Americans say they get their “news” from TikTok. Really? Kind of a scary thought, but reading may be a dying skill.

    • Jessica / Jessie

      Yes, those were truly the Golden Age. Everyone seems to be blogging and reading, but then YouTube came and Facebook and now here we are, it’s so tragic I can’t even feel sad it.

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