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Hell, poem and goodbye

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This is it. Another month getting off 2022. This summer has been tough for me. I went through some kind of mental shock late July until mid-August because I never know that festival could make your everyday life miserable. In a sleepy village of Beniardá (as I lovingly made my protagonist for my upcoming time-travel romance describe his grandparents pueblo) I was shock to find myself unable to sleep long enough to function properly.

The first 15 days in the village were filled with nonstop noise.

They blasted our eardrums from 11 pm all the way to 7 AM then there’s the band going around by noon and the church bell… ugh, I was about to lose mind. No, I actually feel like I was losing my mind. Luckily, the church bell seemed to have malfunctioned 3 days before the end of the festival and has been silent ever since.

It might sound funny reading it, but the music at the plaza in the center of the village echoes in the stone houses, it wasn’t just the music, the damn DJ has to scream on top of his lungs every 30 seconds after the clock pass the 2 AM, you know make sure all the drunk doesn’t doze off, and so almost everyone close to it was lack of sleep until the last day when the village can sleep. Our current place is 3 doors away, so we sleep like the dead.

Ironically, the occasion I enjoyed the most during the whole festival is one where we (the audience) were chased by people in devil costumes with sparks and fire 🤣

To celebrate my recovery from mental torment, here’s a poem of me saying goodbye to August.

Goodbye August. It’s been fun,
I didn’t smile at every turn
There was even days
when I say, damn it all

But for all it’s worth
The days with you
was memorable

Goodbye dear

That’s all

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Hugs x Kisses

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