Published Books

I’ll try to keep the books displayed on this page updated, but I’m more busy posting and reading other blogs most of the time. However, you can find my English stories at: And for my Filipino stories (and few English novella) at


Love, Die, Live Short Trilogy

A story of loss, love and reincarnation.

A disease that killed her mother is now coming for her like a nightmare.

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Have you ever thought about having a second shot at life?

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Life isn’t a fairytale. It doesn’t always have a ‘happy ever after’ for everyone…

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Standalone Short Stories

Sometimes, it only takes one person to make your dreary world feel meaningful.

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All she wanted was a peaceful life, but fate loved to play evil games.

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Kaito picked Akemi, an oversize girl, in a goukon because no one else did.

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Filipino/Taglish Books

A French FairyFail Series

Intertwining but standalone stories of Filipina women and their Fairy-Fail adventures in France. (Note: All five stories have interracial couples.)

Single stories