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April Fool’s Girl

This was supposed to be an April fools day post, but my day and night got twisted so I missed my chance. But I really want to share this poem, so here it is.

April Fool’s Day of 1920, her life began

A soul cast in whimsy, a spirit’s dance

Yet in the heat of August 2019, a silent morn,

She passed away, all alone

Her ungrateful older sons lay

Their hearts held firm in icy sway

Unseen, unheard, they sought to part

In stoic grief, without a start

But midst their silent, weighty shroud

The youngest son emerged, in whispers loud

To honor her, in tender light

He fought, he wept, against the night

In tearful eyes and softened grace

He bid her soul a last embrace

To ease the ache, to bloom anew

And mend the hearts, with love so true

Amidst the sorrow and the pain

The youngest son’s love glows, a gentle rain

To soothe her passage, he fought all dares

And soften April Girl’s muted tears

The poem was based on a true story. The youngest son is my Norwegian husband. My mother-in-law was one of the sweetest women I knew. I loved her like a mother, and I know, having only sons, she loved me like a daughter. She always introduced me as “my daughter” to people, earning some puzzled looks and held back questions on people’s faces. I was so much darker compared to her creamy white skin, but we never bothered explaining and loved how some seemed to scratch their heads. She suffered with dementia in the last decades of her life, but even when she forgot everyone, she never forgot me, my husband, and later my son, whom we found out from her younger friend (who attended the funeral) that she spoke about nonstop my son. Losing her left a strange hole in our lives, but I hope she’s having a great time wherever she may be now.

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  • Lightness Traveling

    Very beautiful. When I first moved here after returning to the US, about 20-years back, my first local, and best friend was a woman from the Philippines. Her mom lived not too far away (with her sister’s family), and I got to know her quite well. I always called her “Mom”, because she treated me like a daughter. It’s something that goes beyond mere inherited traits; and I too felt that “strange hole” in the loss of caring family when she passed.

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