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Waiting for a Star to Fall

I don’t know about you, but when nostalgia hits me, it’s always accompanied by a bittersweet feeling. Waiting for a Star to Fall, a song by Boy Meets Girl, captures emotion I can hardly explain. The sweetness, the pain, the love, and loss. Do you have a song that cures and hurts you at the same time?

Here’s mine.

I’m stating the obvious but Boy Meets Girl, Waiting for a Star to Fall is one of my top favorites songs, which is also inspired me to write “So Close Yet So Far” micro-fiction.

PS: Can I please ask you a favor and read my poem titled: Not Perfect over at Online Book Club? If you like it, please vote for my entry. Thank you.

Edit: I feel like this contest is all a dirty business trick. In the private view, I people’s vote to my poem isn’t counted because they haven’t “verified” their email. What the hell is the point of this contest if everyone who voted is mandated to sign up first? It’s all a dirty business trick.

I withdraw it from there and share in my substack blog.

CLICK HERE to read it. I hope you’ll like it. The post is also in audio form so you can just listen if you have no time to read.

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