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Me Monday, music & more

It’s hard to establish a new identity, but it’s also difficult to say goodbye to the old one. So I kept both and for a while I almost tore myself in half. On the plus side, quite a few readers had expressed interest in reading In Another Time the book I finished in Nanowrimo challenge back in 2020.

As for my blog… well, I’ve been playing AWOL for a long time now, and the longer it goes, the more I feel bad for missing on things, and that makes me want to stay absent. It’s a toxic cycle.

Covid lockdowns really did a number on me. I’m back in Spain now and working hard to build an online presence in mostly focusing on Instagram as Jessie Winterspring.

“Me Monday” is the day I save to talk about myself outside of books and reading.

But the months have been lonely without the blogging community. 

I’m making no promises, but I think I’m back! Haha 😀

So here’s one of my favorite from the 80s.

Let’s chat <3 later because before that, I’ll go to sleep. Goodnight!

Jessica / Jessie Winterspring is a time travel romance fanatic who loves writing fiction about ordinary people with extraordinary experiences. She blogs music inspired stories, poems, micro-fictions, moments in life. She enjoy spending time outdoors, adore animals and traveling with her family. She like anything unusual and fun. CLICK HERE to read more about her or CLICK HERE to view her books


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