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    Celebrating 20 years!

    I’ve never been impressed with church weddings. My dream back when I started thinking about love was a garden wedding. I won’t be wearing a white gown with a veil to hide my face, because I was sure I won’t be a virgin bride. Oh, how wrong I was. I never fell in love with a boyfriend worthy enough to give it. That was the first miscalculation. Second, I will be surrounded by people who love me as I walk in an aisle of wildflowers, wearing a 60s bohemian dress I sew for my garden wedding. I swear I’m a reincarnation of a dead hippie, haha 😀 However, reality never…

  • Blogging

    News and goodbye

    I love blogging. It’s the first social media I fell in love with. But I can’t keep blogging regularly anymore. I will occasionally still drop by and read blogs, only at a minimum. For those who observed it, I haven’t been here for more than a month and the thought of leaving for good is heavy on my chest. Staying, however, seemed even more like a burden. Maybe once all these lockdowns are over and the big problems I’m facing are over, then I fully return. But at the moment, I’ll be sticking to micro-blogging. In Instagram, Youtube, and Scribble Hub all under Jessie Winterspring. Yep. I’m keeping this blog,…

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    I’m back! Kind off 😒

    I feel like I’ve been in a very strange dream lately. To ward off this stupid air, I chop my long hair, a good 20cm off, for the first time in 21 years. The last time I had it short was when I was 15 😁 Will read blogs again starting next week. 😃 Happy Weekend! Follow Jessica E. Larsen on WordPress.com

  • Monday

    Just a dream

    I guess I’m more affected than I dare to admit. The last few months I’ve been seeing all these horrible videos of Asian people getting harassed in public, hashtags that says #Asianlivesmatter. When I first noticed the hashtags I scoffed thinking right another drama.  Now that #blacklivesmatter cooled down they must heat something up, but the videos popping up in my mobile app started eating on me.  One woman filming herself in Germany nearly punched in the face by a passing stranger. An Asian couple riding a bike in the US called 911 out of fear when a people trailed after them throwing rocks at them shouting “Coronavirus!” another was…

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    A blogger…

    I’ve never been Stephen King’s fan but I agree with him on many of the things he said. This one included: Newbie bloggers or people just dreaming of becoming a blogger often face the problem that they don’t feel that they are writers. They do not think that their writing is good enough.But we have all started out as beginners. We all jumped right in without being expert writers – most bloggers are not born Pulitzer Prize-winning writers.But your writing can develop. You can learn to write better. And the best way to learn writing is to read a lot and to write a lot. I still have much to learn.…

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    Dracula as lovable Granpa

    I’m not into vampire romance, but Hotel Transylvania is too hard not to love. Watch these clips and tell me you’re not tempted to watch it. Have a Fun Friday everyone! If you like what I posted, do consider following my blog, share your thoughts and follow me in Instagram or Facebook. Follow Jessica E. Larsen on WordPress.com

  • Monday,  Music

    Women’s day

    I got nothing much to say about this day, and I’m sure there are so many posts was written about this anyway, so I’ll stick to my usual post with the exception of adding more music. Here are the songs from female singers whom I admire the most. 1: Sophie B. Hawkins – As I Lay Me Down This song never fail to calm me and feels embrace by sweet love 2: Wilson Phillips – Hold On  These three women and their powerful words is all I needed when things feels to hard. 3: Carpenters – Rainy Days And Mondays Whenever I feel like moping and drown myself in self-pity…

  • Micro-Fictions,  special post

    Because it’s your Birthday

    “Hey you!” Simon was currently busy rushing home to be with his sweet wife, turn to look toward the bushes where the voice came from. He saw no one. He raises a brow. “Who’s there?” He asked tapping his feet. When no one shows up, he resumed his walk. Faster. “Wait!” said the same voice. This time Simon ignored it and kept walking. He got no time. His wife has baked him a cake and that was the most important. “Simon, come on, you keep writing scary stories but you can’t recognize a ghost calling your attention?” The voice was now in front of him. Annoyed, Simon squinted his eyes…

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    I’ve been up to no good

    No, not really. I just feel it so bad to be out of sight in the blogosphere. Depression can’t excuse it, so I’ll be using the rest of the month catching up to my favorite blogs (and more) and hopefully get back to blogging again in two of my blogs, while writing my novel, play with my son, manage the housework, cooking, reading books (currently 10 at once and counting) and socializing in my Instagram… I feel like banging my head… 😂 Follow Jessica E. Larsen on WordPress.com