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An abandon cat adopted me!

I know it’s September, but meet August.

Until 3 days ago (Sept. 7) this young cat lived in the street. He came strolling through my door when I was at the peak of my anger only to meow at me. He stayed for about 30 seconds, but he return later that night to beg for food.

He had a collar, so I let him out after feeding him, expecting him to go home. A friend who loves animals (even feed the street cats and offered her garage for over 9 adult cats and their kittens) told me that August was an abandon cat because a lot of the villagers saw him sleeping night after night in the hidden areas of the street.

I felt bad and angry for whoever abandoned him. It was bad enough to abandon such a young cat, but to abandon him with a collar that would most probably choke him as he grows older was too cruel.

5 days later, he returned, marching in without hesitation. He sat on our lap and stayed the whole night. I decided then that I want to adopt him. We first meet him in August so I decided it would suit him to be called that as well.

However, he was so insistent about going out by morning and I couldn’t keep him inside. I didn’t have cat food (I only fed him some slices of ham and can food) or cat litter. The nearest supermarket is about 15 km of long winding road.

My almost 6-year-old boy with August

I borrowed cat food and cat litter from my friend and anxiously waited for August to return for two days, but when he did, he put his paw on the bar I’ve placed on the door to stop the street cats from casually going in. He meowed and jump in the moment I invited him, but he got desperate when I showed the cat litter. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to use it and ran out to poop.

We search the entire night as he seemed rather desperate to get away, only for my neighbor (and friend, the cat angel) to find him at her doorstep.

He kept meowing at me from the balcony. He also cried and come to me when I came to get him.

Now he won’t step out of the house without us, yet he behaves like the king of the road when we go out with him on a leash.

Now and then he stays in front of the doorstep hissing at every cat who approaches. He even went in to the garage beside us only to growl at the wild cats. The brat. 😂 Poor cats beside.

I know it’s only a few days since he came to us, and everyone was surprised how he acts so much at home in my place, but for me, it’s no surprise since we’re not the one who chose him, he chose us.

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Hugs x Kisses

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