About Me

I’m Jessica E. Larsen AKA Jessie Winterspring. I’m a Filipina writer based in Spain. If only I’ve known before I started publishing the importance of unique names, I would have come up with a better pen name. But no, I chose my own name, now I’m stuck with it.

I’m an author of an incoming time travel romance, In Another Time, and 7 Filipino novellas plus several short stories, both in retail stores and for free here in my blog. Most of them are self-edited drafts so please go easy on me for the editing quality.

I’m married to a Norwegian hobby scientist who influenced me a lot to draft most of my sci-fi stories that I’m not brave enough to look back and edit yet. 

More than anything though, I devour romance like an addict needs drugs. This can be seen a lot in my writing. No matter what genre it falls into, you’re bound to find romance in it. 

I spend a lot of time reading and falling in love with fictional characters. I enjoy watching Japanese anime while eating noodles with chopsticks or drool at the 70s to 90s music videos. 

I live near the Mediterranean coast with my loving husband and mischievous though adorable son, where I gazed to the ocean and scheme how to torment annoying goody-two-shoes or straight out murder bitchy exes. 

Read more about me (my writing and reading) in my “7 reasons for rebranding my blog.”

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