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Celebrating 20 years!

I’ve never been impressed with church weddings. My dream back when I started thinking about love was a garden wedding. I won’t be wearing a white gown with a veil to hide my face, because I was sure I won’t be a virgin bride. Oh, how wrong I was. I never fell in love with a boyfriend worthy enough to give it. That was the first miscalculation.

Second, I will be surrounded by people who love me as I walk in an aisle of wildflowers, wearing a 60s bohemian dress I sew for my garden wedding. I swear I’m a reincarnation of a dead hippie, haha 😀

However, reality never fails to surprise you. The wedding I get is a lot more simple than that. The most expensive we paid was the rent for the car my husband and I rode to the civil registry. That’s it.

Boring, I know. It super unromantic because everything was rushed. I didn’t felt loved by my parents who almost killed a couple of times. Growing up, I was often beaten and spitting blood. The man I married was the only person who showed me he truly cares. So, after so much hardship to win me, I jumped in his arms and let him fly me away.

But I’m a hopeful romantic, so I believe that how it starts isn’t what matter, but how happy you become in the long run.

Therefore here I am today celebrating 20 years of our meeting anniversary. Yes, we don’t celebrate our wedding anniversary, but marked this date because 5 years from now and I’ll be here to share our silver meeting anniversary and my dream wedding photos, with my 9-year-old son as the “marriage officiant” 😉

For now though, I’ll hold it against you if you don’t congratulate us 😂

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