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Love to hate

Remember my post last month about blast from the past?

Well, here’s part 2.

Blast from the past II

I loved you once decades ago
A tragic separation happens
Situation we can’t control
We were young and vulnerable 

The pain was immense 
The cut was deep
And we never forget
But now we meet again

I’m able to look at you and smile
I’m no longer tied to the past
But you have something else in mind
You said you also love someone else

Everything should be fine
But when everything is said and done
You confessed of loving me forever 
Sorry, but I no longer care

I could play you for a fool
See where you want to go
But the woman with you is innocent 
And my love for you is now hate

I’m not bragging. I’m pissed. A person shouldn’t enter into another relationship, especially marriage if they haven’t moved on from the ex. It’s rude and disrespectful for the current partners. Geez!

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