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Goodbye September

Another month has gone, next let’s welcome another one.

Last month, I got a blast from the past. An ex-boyfriend whom I shared the most emotional moments back in my teens contacted me in Facebook and thanks to that this poem was formed.

Blast from the past

There are voices in my head
For years I pretended they never existed
A blast from the past
Force me to acknowledge the hurt

Yes, I was hurt. Abandoned
Left alone to make painful decision
Yet, now I’m facing you, hearing you
I feel nothing but relief
Knowing you too were terribly hurt

You didn’t abandon me 
but you were indecisive 
You’re smiling now
And I’m happy

My happiness is complete because
I can look at you, my painful past
With a smile from the bottom of my heart
Goodbye, I’ll be moving on now 
without you in my life

Copyright ยฉ Jessica E. Larsen. All rights reserved.

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