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Sharing the love #3

Whether you love or hate Autumn, I’m sure you agree that it’s a beautiful season. There’s something to love at every season and this season is special because of the changing colors of nature…

It’s almost in the middle of the season but I want to share some of the most beautiful poems that I’ve read about Autumn this year.

  • Autumn Shuffle by Kait King. A new blogger I just followed. This poem is a warm romantic breeze for autumn lovers. Every word just perfectly melts together
  • Autumn Welcome by Christopher. I’ve already shared another poem from Chris in my previous “Sharing the Love” post, but I can’t not add this colorful and purely a magical read.
  • Winding Down from Steve. Another blogger who already got shared in my previous post in this sharing series, but he’s so damn clever to rhyme and this poem matches the season too well. It will make you long for summer, and look forward to the changing season at the same time.

No, I’m sure I’ve seen read some more, but I didn’t keep a list so these are the only ones I remember.

If you have an Autumn poem do share it in the comment section and I’ll check them out. Come on people give me poems because I need more for the future. 😁

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