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Embarrassing Experience

Watching Barbie with my husband is probably the most embarrassing thing I ever experience.

When I was younger, I rejected anything girly, including Barbie. I refused to play with her, not only because she’s a miniature of an adult woman, but also because she represents… pink. I never imagined that I’ll ever get hook with Barbie movies, but I did.

I reject pink colors because I always love blue, but I was always given a pink color in school because I’m a girl. Stuff like this is one of the reasons why I grow up be a tomboy. Climbing trees and played with boys until I hit puberty and discovered that all my friends who are boys treated me with special care. I grew shy and distance myself to the opposite sex and well, get girl-friends.

After marrying my husband, however, my shyness worsen. I became so much of an introvert that the thought of speaking to any stranger, at any gender, on all ages sends my heartbeat at an alarming speed. My husband was my best friend. And since I was in a new country and I could barely muster the courage to get friendly with girls, I invited my husband to watch “Barbie as Rapunzel”. The most horrible thing happened.

I barely followed the film and spent the whole time burying my face on my hands, and shrinking down my seat whenever my husband’s lips curves into a smile.

He spent the whole night and the next day comforting me saying “it’s fine” …

With a smile! Am I suppose to believe that? 😭

But my guest, go smile or laugh if you like 🙂

It was a romantic story, not a comedy! Nope, never ever will I be watching a girly movie with a guy again!

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