Lovely but Guilty

There one thing I learned from leaving in Europe for 14 years. Four seasons are fun and annoying at times. I’m a tropical girl but when I married my Norwegian husband and went to live with him, that’s when I finally understood the meaning cold. Whenever Filipinos in the Philippines told me how cold it was the other day in the country, I can’t help but smile. Back before I left the Philippines I’m freezing at 20 degrees celcius (or 68 degrees fahrenheit) but here that’s a normal room temperature, so imagine how cold I felt when I stepped out of the Norwegian airport the first time and got welcome by a cold breeze at minus 15 degrees celcius wearing nothing more that a long sleeve top and wind jacket. I was even too stubborn to accept my husband leather jacket because I felt too ashamed for not listening to him and buy thicker clothes. My whole body was numbed by the time I got into a warm shower.

Nowadays, I love and hate winter. I hate all the work of digging the car out of the snow with my husband each time we need to drive (and often, because we live far away from the grocery store). However, winter is also the most beautiful time of the year, especially when snow cover the landscape and create a postcard-esque picture comes to life. 

Below is a few pictures I took with my phone while driving.
Side note: they look better in real life.

All the fun. Snowball fights, snow man or simply have a romantic time with your partner.

Here’s a picture I took 2 days ago. 

We went out at 6pm and found the fresh fallen snow outside of the garage and I couldn’t help it. I need to imprint it. The one to the right is my husband’s. It looked better than mine even though I did my best to get in his way. 😀

Jho, friend, thanks for inspiring me to post this!

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    • Jessica

      Occasionally grey weather can be surprising. It sometimes give a mysterious feel. But yes mostly, snow and sunshine is most beautiful.

  • Jemima Pett

    That’s beautiful. I like cold countries, but I’m not so sure I’d like to live in one. For me it’s the daylight length, although I found in Svalbard that as they are so far north, once it gets to February, the twilight lasts for hours and hours.

    Glad to know you’re having fun in the snow. The pictures are glorious.

    I’m glad I came to visit thanks to Damyanti’s anniversary!

    • Jessica

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m happy you like the pictures. We’re more to the south, but even so, the daylight in winter time is way too short. We currently have about 7 hours daylight. Sun rises at 9am and the sunset is 3:50pm. However, if you love daylight, you should visit the North of Norway in the summer. Night time don’t exist. It’s just one long sunset night after night. Midnight sun is beautiful and addictive. I actually want to write a post about it soon.

  • thelonelyauthorblog

    Amazing photos. I hate winters here in New York City. That is why I am planning on moving to Florida later this year.
    Best of luck with your new blog. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask – Drew

    • Jessica

      Thanks Drew ❤
      I hate dealing with winter too. But I’m sure I’ll miss it if I never see snow again but for now I’m looking forward to go away from all this cold hahaha 😂

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