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Hi February

It’s that month again! The start of the romantic month, exciting for hoping singles and happy couples, and additional reason to be depress for lonely people. I’m somewhat somewhere in between. I’m happily married but I’m broke and have a super adorable son to spoiled… okay maybe not, but I doubt that my husband will get that couple date he has been longing for in two years now. Sorry guys, but for mother’s like me, baby come first. Ehem…

Don’t have much to share today, so I’ll open my February post with an excerpt from one of my new-adult novella, Sparks of Attraction. The scene is from the teenage years of the identical twins.

“In love… y-yeah…in love…” Trinity shook her head when she saw my frown get deeper. “Okay, no, not really, but there’s a couple of boys I’m attracted to.”

“A couple of—Trinity!”

“Serene, keep your voice down!” our mother said from outside the bedroom. “Even the people passing in the street can hear you clearly.”

“Sorry po, Mom,” I politely apologized and glared at Trinity, who let go of me and shrank under the covers.

“Attraction can lead to love, you know,” Trinity said, defensively.

She can be so cute sometimes, I thought as I observed her fret beside me. Even if we were only seven minutes apart in age, it was times like this when I felt that she really was the younger one. I sighed and calmly spoke. “Okay, so you have a couple of boys you’re attracted to. Then how do you plan to get a boyfriend? Don’t tell me you’ll just randomly pick one? Those boys who show interest toward us can’t even tell which one is Trinity and which one is Serene.”

“And that’s where you come in!” Trinity perked up as she eyed me with a suspicious smile on her face.

Oh no… I groaned inwardly and listened to her in horror.

Her head is telling her to run, but she can no longer ignore her heart.

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