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Colors Of The Wind

I got no plan of making myself sulk today but this video shows up in my recommended list on Youtube and because I’m crazy, I watch it and tormented myself at the memory of Pocahontas and John Smith’s bittersweet love story.

Frozen’s “Let it go” is good, but seriously this song should get just as much attention. Oh well.

And I must add…

JOHN SMITH beat all of Disney’s prince charming!

Listen to him girls and tell me that you’re not move. I Challenge you!

Anyway here’s the song.

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  • Zoewiezoe

    Oh god. Starting Monday on a Disney song. I’m going tk be in hopeless romantic mode all week now 🤭🤣
    And crowishly scream along to every word of that song 🤩😍

  • Dracul Van Helsing

    I’ve always loved that song Colours of The Wind.

    I haven’t even heard of the one from Frozen you’ve mentioned.

    I always loved the love story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith.

    Have you ever seen the 2005 film The New World with Q’orianka Kilcher?

    I haven’t but a friend of mine did a film review of it a year ago last September.

    Q’orianka Kilcher plays Pocahontas.

    I’d never heard of either Q’orianka Kilcher or the film until my friend did the review.

    Sadly the full movie is not available on YouTube but they do have clips from it.

    I fell in love with Q’orianka when I saw her.

    There’s a 2009 film that Q’orianka made called Princess Kailuani (about the last Crown Princess of Hawaii before the U.S. forcibly annexed the country back in the 1890s) which is available on YouTube so I watched it.

    That movie is probably my favourite movie that was made in the 21st Century (I have a lot of favourite movies from the 20th Century).

    I’m so in love with Q’ orianka (who’s of Peruvian Inca descent) that I use her photos to illustrate those chapters in which my character the immortal Lakota Sioux Princess Tanaka appears. 😍

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      It’s a beautiful song with so much sense.

      Haha 😀 I think we’ve chat about this in one your post where you used Q’orianka photo in it. I think it was a poem. You recommended the movie there too.
      I did search it but as you said the full movie of The New World isn’t in Youtube (at least not for free)
      I got busy with something else so I forgot but now I go see if I can watch it later 😄

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