wolf mountain

Wolf Mountain

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Wolf Mountain #6

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I never moaned at the sound of my name before, but hearing it from Shadow took a lot of control to stop the sound from slipping away. “Don’t you dare,” I said in forced anger. “You ruined my birthday celebration and damaged my phone. So pay me back.”

Frost groaned. “You-!”

Shadow looked behind me. “Go get her a new phone.”

“I refuse!” Frost replied.

Shadow lowered his voice. “Sis, go get Amara’s new phone.”

“Fine.” Frost stomped her way to the door and once she was out, Shadow stood up and towered over me by more than a head. Not fair. He got everything I want in a man, except he isn’t.

Shadow touch my shoulder. I shuddered. It was outside the layers of fabric, but I felt tingling where his hand landed. I held myself together and let him help me take my coat off and allowed him to guide me toward the backwash. 

Shadow washed my hair. His gentle touch continuously building the tension between us. 

When he blew dry my hair, I could feel him slightly brushing his finger at the back of my neck. He said nothing, and I dare not complain even when he took my icy hands and set me down in front of the mirror.

He took a scissor and leaned on me. He looked at me in the mirror and whispered. “Relax.”

I went rigid. His warm breath on my skin made me more tense. He sighed and started clipping my hair and at the same time told me a story of his childhood. A human girl, who thought he was a dog’s puppy saved him. “She wanted to adopt me, but her father knew I was a wolf and secretly released me in the wild.” Shadow put the scissor aside, and I was impressed at how neat my inverted bob looked. At the same time, I calmed down because now I know why he saved me.

Shadow went on, this time while combing my hair. “This girl cried for a long time, but I also understood that I couldn’t be with her. At least not at that moment. I thought they will return again, but they didn’t. I searched for her every day for many months after that, but I never found her. I encountered the human bullies again and again. I slowly hated humans and as more months passed, I’ve forgotten the girl. Until now.” He stopped combing my hair and turn the chair around. He put his hands on the chair, one on each armrest. “You are that girl, Amara. I remembered it when I get a whiff of your scent.”

“I know,” I replied through hard breaths.

He blinked his dark orange eyes, to hide his feeling, but it was too late. I saw it. I saw that puppy trembling in my arms years ago. The vulnerable Shadow that hid beneath the intimidating king that everyone fear. It begged for understanding, for someone to ease the pain, that he can’t show anyone else. 

“Do I have a chance with you?”

I smiled. Who am I to refuse a king, right? “I’ll make an exception-” Shadow’s lips were on my mouth before I could complete my words, but who cares? It was the most satisfying first kiss. Like drinking water after walking in the sweltering summer heat. He completes me.

I still don’t want puppies for children, but a werewolf baby with Shadow is a different story. 

Thank you so much for reading. If you had followed this story from part 1. I hope that I lived up to your expectation all the way to the end. 

Special thanks for those who spent their precious time to give their feedback. Much appreciated.

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Table of Contents

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