What should I call you?

Inspired by Winnie‘s question in the comment section of “Your Smile

I decided to make this post.

In the Philippines, nicknames are very normal. People can have nicknames so different from their given names you won’t guess it’s the same person. I was utterly surprised when I was 7 that my mother’s name was very different and sounds way better than what people around us calls her. But the thing is, in the Philippines, only friends and families calls you in your nickname. So if we (the Filipinos) let you call us by our nicknames it means that we like you or feels close to you.

However, I have no nickname. Or more precisely if you ask me directly I can’t give you one.

As they say in Norway “kjΓ¦rt barn har mange navn” which means “Beloved child has many names” and I guess I’m one of them.

Friends from the Philippines call me Jess or Jessa, Here in Spain Jenny (strange but hey they like it and it sounds nice too. Who am I to correct them. πŸ˜„ ) In Norway, I also get called Jessie.

I’ve gotten used to so many nicknames I turn my head whenever anyone said these names. I also have a nickname from my childhood but sorry I’m not saying it because it has too many bad memories.

So if we’re blogging friends, Twitter or Facebook friend (and I mean those that really interact with me) feel free to use any of the nicknames I mentioned. But of course, if you like calling me in my full name I won’t consider you a stranger, after all, that’s what my husband and beloved mother-in-law call me…no more like Yesika. Okay, I’ll end this post before it gets unnecessarily long.

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