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Te Quiero

A mere stripper such as myself is just a little better than a prostitute. I take that back. People don’t see a difference between me and prostitutes. I’m used to it, being ordered to get naked and dance, but when Ricardo, the handsome, rich Latino asked me to dance, but stopped me from stripping, my heart skipped a beat.

He reserved the club for himself for the entire night, and I feel both honored and proud to know that I’m the one he chose to entertain him. Ricardo becomes the talk of all women in the club ever since he showed up last week. He never tables any girls and everyone wanted his attention. I never dare dream of it. A night with a perfect man was too high for me. I who had live in darkness all my life and have nothing to offer.

Yet, strangely enough, my heart who feels nothing with dancing naked in front of dozens of men, won’t stop beating as he gazed at me with all my clothes on. My body feels feverish as his dark eyes travel from my head to toe.

The most surprising part was that I was following any routine. My body was on autopilot as I caressed my hips, letting my hand softly slid up to my breast and down to my stomach, without breaking eye contact. When Ricardo wordlessly raised his hand and flick his finger, motioning me to come closer, I did without hesitation.

I stepped between his legs, still slow dancing as I felt his warm hand in the small of my back. There was no denying it, he desired me and I want to be claimed, so I teased him. I put a hand on his chest, lowering down to my knees, slid my hand under his shirt, and let my finger ran up. Breathing heavily with him.

He let go of my back and cupped my cheeks. Then whispered, “Te quiero”

I froze. Te quiero, as in I love you?

Ricardo kissed my neck and ran his thumb over my lips, bringing my blood to the boiling point. “You save me in the past, this time, I’ll save you. Tonight and forever, you will only dance for me. What do you say?”

I looked at his serious face and melt. “Yes,” I replied wholeheartedly and close my eyes as he passionately kissed my lips. A kiss that took my breath away. A magical kiss that no other man can give.

The song below inspired this story.

Copyright Β© 07/13/2020 Jessica E. Larsen – All rights reserved.

Table of Contents
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