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Story of Yanxi Palace

No, I’m never lazy to read your blog post. But when I find a good drama to binge watch… sorry, I got no time. I have another and another and just more and more episode to watch first 😜

Story of Yanxi Palace is an amazing drama. Annoying, irritating but funny and exciting. Full of cunning women and to be honest not that handsome emperor but lovable somehow.

Story of Yanxi Palace is a Chinese historical drama series about Wei Yingluo who enters Forbidden City as one of the palace embroiderers to secretly investigate her beloved sister’s mysterious death and find the truth.

At first she believed that the imperial guard Fuca Fuheng to be the prime suspect, Yingluo schemes to approach his sister, the Empress Fuca Rongyin, and succeeds in getting transferred from her embroidery unit to the Empress’s Changchun Palace as her maid. 

My favorite couple. I want their happy ending! 😭

I enjoyed this drama so much I watch it daily, sacrificing my love for blogging to finish all 70 episode with 45 min each, many hours a day. I laughed and cried many times. I wanted it to end quick but when it did, I thirst for more. 😂

In mood for Asian historical drama? Do you think I’ve convince you? 😉

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