Rowan Atkinson – Interview with Elton John
Just for laughs

Rowan Atkinson – Interview with Elton John

I dare you to tell me that Rowan Atkinson can’t make you at least smile, or even laugh out loud.

In this show, he’s a host and just as hilarious as Mr. Bean 😁

Have a Fun Friday!

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  • Simon

    I loved it, the whole show 😂🤣😂 I have not watched his shows, but I’ll watch now when I have my time😍 such a stress buster 🤗 Thanks for sharing Jessica ✨🤗

  • popsiclesociety

    I adore him! I’ve watched his shows and films so many times and I’m keep laughing at them! He’s number one! If you’re sad watch Mr Bean 😉
    Have a happy and fun weekend dear Jess!

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