Muddle up…

You know that feeling of wanting to do something but you can’t seem to bring yourself to do so?

I’m there at the moment. I wish to be active again in blogosphere but my heart isn’t in it. My heart is currently set on escaping this world. So aside from finishing up “In Another Time” which is the product of my escape. I’m also busy reading books and re-reading some enjoyable reads.

If you love books, try them.

So… what are you busy with now busy now anyway in crappy stupid… okay I need to calm down. 😅

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Jessica / Jessie Winterspring is a time travel romance fanatic who loves writing fiction about ordinary people with extraordinary experiences. She blogs music inspired stories, poems, micro-fictions, moments in life. She enjoy spending time outdoors, adore animals and traveling with her family. She like anything unusual and fun. CLICK HERE to read more about her or CLICK HERE to view her books


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