Monday,  Rants

Broken self-promise

Do you have a new year resolution? Are you following it up? Mine sucks! I’m not sleeping the way I wish and blogging everyday annoy me!

I have a hard time keeping up with reading other blogs and replying to my comments. And I have books to binge reads!

How do you daily bloggers manage it?

Nevermind the new year resolution. I think I’ll take it slow from here.

I need to catch up with your post to too. 😌


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  • Huguette

    Hey Jess 😁 missed me?? well nowadays we are managing to survive more than listing new year’s resolutions hahaah I mean 2020 taught us a hard lesson and th3n 2021 is continuing this journey so far! for me I wish in 2021 I will be back to blogging and to be active writing and reading for others 😊 currently I’m being busy despite the lockdown and everything , I hope you are good and safe 😊😘💗

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      I didn’t miss you… *sniff* come here so I can give you a hug! Who care about social distancing I missed you here 😭
      Sigh, yeah 2021 feels like 2020s evil twin. Tsk.
      But despite you being busy, I look forward to seeing you back in the blogosphere 🥰
      Thanks for dropping by Hug. 🤗💞 Hope you’re safe and healthy as well 😀

      • Huguette

        ☺️☺️😢 I’m touched so I will give you a big hug after this is over 😁 yes 2121 is a damn extension but for me things are a bit better because I’m being busy so I’m not thinking too much
        I wish I can manage to be back progressively and to be able mostly to read and interact not only write, otherwise I can be back Now actually 😊 take care Jess and hopefully soon all this nightmare will be over 🤗🤗💕💕🥰

        • Jessica E. Larsen

          Whoa 2021 did something good! You’e willing to give me a hug 😁 I’ll book a flight as soon as possible 🙃
          I guess being busy in such dark times is useful. Better busy than depress. Yeah, I’m crossing my fingers for it to happen soon. I’m ready to read your blog again when start posting again 🤗🤗🤗

          • Huguette

            Of course now we know the values of many things I guess! Hopefully many will realize that
            Well I hope I will be back soon and I have no doubt you are one of my favorite readers 😊🥰🥰 enjoy the weekend 🤗🤗

          • Jessica E. Larsen

            So happy to hear that Hug! 🥰🥰 Blogging is a bit unmotivating for me lately, but I’m sure I’ll have more reason if you return.
            Wish you a great week 🤗

  • buddy71

    im not as busy as you. that is how im able to blog. i also dont follow as many as you. i set limits and i often do several blogs at one time and place them in the que. i also dont post every day. my blogs are easier…they are just photos. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      I can’t help but follow blogs that post nice things. Same as your blog. Also this is why you’re one of my favorite bloggers, your post doesn’t make me read and think too long … Joke! haha 😀 you don’t too say so much because as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. And your photos are great <3

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      It’s not easy to regularly read every blog we want. But I would love it if you can share your secret to that shortcut 😁

      • judeitakali

        Well it’s mainly about reciprocating to those who check in on your blog with comments especially. I usually go read one of each’s latest post.

        Then I scan through the likes on my last post and read a post from each of the regular ones.

        After I do a little free styling in the reader if I’m still within my 2hr allocated time.

        Btw is there a way of favouriting your fav sites on WP?

        • Jessica E. Larsen

          Hm, nice tips thanks. I do that actually, but I’m greedy for words so I always want to read more than I can 😂
          As for the question, yes, I think you can reach most of my favorite sites in WordPress reader (if I’m understanding you correctly) but the only way I know is visit their sites in a web browser, hover down to the right corner to see the follow button and click on the 3 dots (…) beside it to see the option to view the site in reader. Some of them don’t have it though. I don’t think I have it even. Sorry.

          • judeitakali

            I mostly read from my reader. Your site is one of the few with only an excerpt in the reader and a link to read more in the browser. Sometimes I visit, sometimes I say I’ll come back after finishing up everything in the reader, then I forget😌🙏🏾

          • Jessica E. Larsen

            I completely understand. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found a way make the whole post available in the reader while keeping the design in my site 🙁

  • popsiclesociety

    Blogging everyday is definitely not easy especially if blogging is not your main “job”…
    My resolution for this year was to take it easy and so far after 11 days in 2021 is working 😁 Hopefully will last 😆
    Take it easy dear Jess!🤗😉

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      Blogging everyday is officially scratch off my list now 😂 I’m following your rule for blogging… taking it easy. 😁 Again have a great week Ribby <3

  • nfa7

    Blog whenever you feel like my dear friend! That way when you write the words they will motivate you for the next time as well as read other blogs 😀 And whenever you feel comfortable replying, I’m sure is fine and everyone will be there to read your response, possibly at a time that will motivate them as well! Good to see your adorable post again!!! <3

  • Lightness Traveling

    1. I figure that if I have to resolve to do something, that I don’t really want to do it. And that means it isn’t going to happen anyway.
    2, I’m happy if I get 5-hours of sleep. Probably shortening my life. But then, I will have been awake during more of it.
    3. I have a photo on the wall of my office of an absolutely beautiful carving of a “sitting Quan Yin” that’s covered in cracks from years of being in nature. It reminds me that grace and perfection aren’t the same thing. Read, write, and blog when you feel like it.

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      Thank you. Your words are such a comfort 😌 but whoa! 5 hours a day sound so short for sleep! I’ve been sleep for 4-5 hours last year and I get so cranky luckily that change now haha 😀

  • Samreen Asad

    New year resolutions are certainly meant not to be followed 😛 Actually i too wonder how daily bloggers manage because I post once a week and that too is difficult to manage for me with all the replies, reading other blogs and a toddler to look after. 😊

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      Oh my gosh to the toddler part! So true. I wonder how they manage to be adorable and troublesome at the same time 😄

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