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We’re killing what makes us human

Trigger warning!

Don’t read if you love AI.


They’re a saying that goes, “too much of everything is bad.” Even healthy food, when consumed too much, turns into poison.

The rapid development of Artificial Intelligent this year, is that. A poison.

AI has done some good in the “modern world” blogs and website is an examples. Our Phones are powered by AI but like everything in life, it should be use in moderation. But now it’s AI generated work everywhere. From articles to Art.

I use Grammarly and ProwritingAid to edit my stories before sending them to my editors (professional human editors), but now there’s AI writing software. No, they don’t assist writers like the programs I mentioned. They write the stories for “writers.”

You don’t have to search long before encountering stories about how AI is slowly taking over the writing world.

“Prominent science fiction and fantasy magazine Clarkesworld announced it would pause submissions after a flood of AI spam.” – The Verge, AI-generated fiction is flooding literary magazines

That post from The Verge was back in February.

In 2014, in a BBC article, Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence. “Artificial intelligence could end mankind,” he said.

He told the BBC: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

– Find the article here: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30290540

In March this year, an author I’m following mentioned a writing program, which I had tried two years ago, in her newsletter. She said that it was the best. I frowned because I remembered feeling comforted by how bad that program was. There’s no way, I thought, but I went and spend money on that writing app anyway, yes I spent money for it. I wanted to see how much better this app had become. I hope it won’t be able to do much, that it be weird and be horrible… it’s not. In fact, it’s good. It became a thousand times better than when I first investigated it.

I played with it for a month, giving commands and prompts for erotic stories. No, I won’t be publishing them, and if I did, I would rewrite it and under a pen name. (PS: I won’t answer any question about the app’s name. I refuse to support it.)

The more I rewrite it, the more it eerily sounds like me, so I stopped. I spend the entire May, including more than a week in June, in a state of blankness.

By continuously using AI which copied human ability, we’re killing what makes us human. We’re teaching them how to be human and take over our life.

– yours truly, Jessie

After using the writing app to co-wrote stories with me, I could feel that my creativity had decreased. I couldn’t write a thing, I couldn’t even do anything with the editing of my book. I could barely process what to do with the suggestions and comment my editors have added between the lines.

The first time I encountered an AI art, I was clueless and fascinated by it. I searched what’s it was all about and the more I dig, the more my fascination turns to anger. The unethical way this image generator images do was stealing copyrighted images and call it “inspired” is just so wrong. If I wrote a book inspired by Harry Potter is totally different than if I take her book and rewrite it.

Many artist around the world is scared to share their work online in fear of being copied. My husband and some of my favorite artist is one of them.

Rin Kazute, the artist I commission for the book character art of my travel romance novel (In Another Time) which wrote in 2019-2020. Rin hasn’t posted in Instagram for since December last year. The last I heard from her, is her musing in Instagram story whether she should sell all her raw artworks because she found it hopeless with all this AI artworks. Her webpage is shut down, and I feel just sad for her.

AI not only ruins true talents, but our life. It can take over human life when abused instead of use.

-Jessie Winterspring

Here’s a Youtube comment from @FatuousRobertson

“As a student, I told computer scientists in 1976 that once computers had enough speed and storage that everything that started happening in 2000 now WOULD happen. Their response was ,”who’d ever want to do THAT?” Never underestimate absolute ignorance of ignorance, and AI will be the last thing we underestimate. “They did not listen then, they’re not listening still. Perhaps they never will.”

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Jessie Winterspring is Jessica E Larsen's other half, also an avid reader, an indie writer. I love writing time-travel and paranormal romance but also writes contemporary. Sometimes.


  • Simon

    AI is a creation of Human. Human can go beyond AI. There is not a thing a human can create, AI is fast I agree but it cannot be creative. It isn’t creating anything it just plays with the codes that already exista and plays puzzle with it. AI is like a Xerox machine. It is not creating anything new. We humans are new our generations are new, and our thoughts and creations are going to be new too. Lazy people will take AI help and inevitably people will rely on AI and go dumb. And the few smarter ones are going to rule the world with their exyra ordinary ability.

  • Tippy Gnu

    I completely disagree gree. There is absolutely nothnothing wrong with AI. It shall save the world from the from the foolishness of humans! AI yesterday! AI today!! AI tomorrow!!!. Go AI!

  • Lightness Traveling

    We’ve generated a number of term papers through various A.I. systems, just to see what would come up. In the process, I’ve started to see how it’s a sort of a “Chinese Room” process (you can look up the term). You really have to already know what you’re doing in order to coach an A.I. into producing something accurate with at least some voice. “The more I rewrite it, the more it eerily sounds like me…” doesn’t surprise me. It doesn’t “know” what it’s writing about; it’s simply copying your own style. Online A.I. systems are doing the same thing, just on a larger scale as you correctly note in the “art” generation. These systems are not creative in the human sense, because they don’t feel. But they can put together things that they learn can cause humans to feel. It’s a curious paradox.

  • Dracul Van Helsing


    What a brilliant and profoundly written article about AI, Jessica.

    A lot of the stuff you wrote about AI, I didn’t know.

    Thanks for all the info.

    On another note, you wrote erotic stories? 😮

    I guess you’re not as innocent as you appear in your photos? 😂

    • Jessica E. Larsen

      Oh my god, how could you catch that? 🙈 I guess it’s a bit hard to stay innocent after getting married and have a kid, double it with all the dark romance recommendations… I’m bound to get corrupted. I hope Pan Goatee won’t target me for this haha 😂

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