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Cinderella Story

Sometimes I wonder if I have a split personality. Out of all fairytale stories I read when I was growing up I hated Cinderella the most. Why? Well because I cannot relate to her. I don’t understand why she accepts to go through the situation she was in. I used to say whenever some girls dream about being Cinderella that you want to be treated like a slave in your own house by your supposed to be family without fighting back? If I was in her shoes I’d leave everything behind and work in another house as a maid. You get paid, and if you’re lucky, they’ll treat you kinder.

Which was why I’m puzzled when I decided to get this book and marked it currently reading in Goodreads. But after reading everything, I felt it wasn’t that bad. There were surprises and kind of unexpected twist that make this book worth reading.

SPOILER ALERT! Read on with caution.

Gabbie’s magic aside. The change in details was interesting. Like how her father is the poor one. And the one who gets rescue isn’t the girl but the guy. And it’s too sad to say that I never felt any chemistry between Gabbie and Hal. Probably because I spend the entire time feeling annoyed with Hal. When the truth was revealed about him, it was too late for me to get the feeling back.

My favorite part of the book was when Sybil rushed to the hospital looking for her daughter and the nurse brought her Gabriella’s room and she asked for her other daughter:

“The nurse’s eyes widened. “You mean the one with a few bumps and bruises?”
Sybil’s face paled as she grasped for the wall behind her. “Bumps? Bruises? Is she okay? Can she walk? Will she be able to dance at homecoming?”
The nurse’s mouth fluttered like a fish out of water. “Um…” She cleared her throat.

Hilarious and I love that scene

Sixteen-year-old Gabriella just wants to finish high school without ticking off her stepmom and being forced out of her father’s house. When she finds out she’s the girl prophesied about in the fairytale Cinderella, her world gets turned upside-down. 
Things get worse when the cute senior, Hal Charm, finally discovers that she exists. Add a fairy godmother, the powers of fire and speed, and a villain other than her stepmom and Gabbie’s life goes up in flames. 
Now she’s forced to decide between ignoring her destiny to save her friendships, or risking discovery to become the hero she needs to be.

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